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Basic knowledge of Sri Lanka This is the national flag of Sri Lanka.Please click and read description.
Area Population Capital Climate Language Religion Race Literacy Education Life Population rate of increase Medical treatment
National anthem National flower Tree of a country National bird Emblem of a country National flag
The situation of economy in 2000
Beautiful nature / wonderful culture

Natural paradise Wild bird Mountain of a butterfly which crowds together and flies An elephant and ape Trees and Flowers A frog and snake
Peradeniya botanical garden The flower of アラリヤ.
multiracial country / spirit / Multilingual island (Sinhala language) / Buddhism / kingdom Founding of the country myth Independence San Francisco peace conference . Investment Jewelry Island of curry and rice A coconut, red pepper, and dried bonito spices are wonderful. Tea
The ruins of Buddhism used as ruins.The time of ポロンナルワ.
Sri Lanka Information
General information -- アコモ day ション guide   This is the Ceylon sight-seeing office issue.                     bus, train, and tricycle -- moving The driver of a tricycle.It is ヌワラ area.This man taught the delicious store which the people from Moore manage. The ticket of an interchange city bus.Unless a bus fills with a passenger, it is not left.
         hotel / guesthouse -- staying Room of a guesthouse.Many of mansions of the British of the England colony time are hotels.       eating --    Drink water--

The fun of a trip will also be reduced by half if you do not understand the culture of the people from Sri Lanka.After reading this, it is a start to Sri Lanka.

< cautions > For not to into trouble in Sri Lanka.

- From the pamphlet of Ceylon Tourist Board---
This is the pamphlet that show us the true life of Sinhalese
and let us know how we never arise troubles with them.
Web site of Sri Lanka

"Sri Lanka Tourism" Ceylon Tourist Board English.
The general information of sight-seeing can be acquired.

Infolankla Here collected almost all Web sites of Sri Lanka / English.
Even if you choose and click some homepages, they may come out with "address unknown." Moreover, there is also some homepages of "job hunting", and there are no page for ordinary travelers.
Lanka news "News Room" of this site is convenient for reference of the report relevant to Sri Lanka (English)

Divaina News of every day in Sri Lanka can be searched. (Sinhala language). *Must instool Sinhala font "Kaputa" to read Divaina.
Sinhala nationalism Once "Thun Here Kara Thula" was forbidden to broadcast in Sri Lanka. But ----
"Sakura mal" and rising Japan "Cherry flowers bloomed." is the name of this song and we could know that how they feel about Japan in those days ,almost 30 years before. What was Japan ? What was the Japanese for them ,the Sinhalese ?
the world heritage of Sri Lanka.
The world heritage map
of Sri Lanka
Anuradapura Polonnaruwa Sigiriya Kandy Dambulla Galla Sinharaja
Tour memo (Ceylon Tourist Board /visa rule / currency / airport / voltage / television / radio / international phone call / newspaper / mail ) Japan embassy
The map of Sri Lanka
Petta area (a store arrangement plan and handwriting)