Recipes of the Sri Lanka Restaurant Tomoca


Mahanama hotel
What's mallum?
Mallum is the salad dish. Cut fruit or vesitable root finely, and mixed with grated coconut and red onion. Then parching lightly those vesitable with tarmeric..
. The scent of fresh coconut is the most important for mullum. With this method ,we can eat vegetables without spoiling the nutritive value of bitamins. Mullum is the most suitable menu for eating vesitable. Every edible vesitables can be cooked as mullum..

What need formallum cooking

Vegetable (anykind of vegetables, such as cabbage, spinach or wild leaves, such as dropwort, Japanese parsley and so on) In Sri Lanka,they cook mullum with the leaf of manioka, passion fruit, kankun, pumpkin, mukunuvanna, etc.

Green chilli, tarmeric, onion, salt, coconut

How to make
(1) Wash vegetables in cold water, then wring it well .Cut into a piece finely.
Add chopped onion , little water, and salt. Roast it in a earthen wear. Stir lightly.Passes along fire when onion is down, Don't put on the lid by any means at anytime. If you put the lid on ,green color of vegetables will vanish.
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How to eat
Never hardly seasoned or the taste of vegetables can be left. If you heated it too much, natural colour green shall loose.
Eat with boiled rice by your own right fingers -- make the shape of small ball by your fingaers and open your mouth wide to carriy it on your tongue .