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Ambul Thiyal

Ambul thiyal
What's this?
People living near seashores of southwest in Sri Lanka who may be pleased with the name of Ambul-thiyal. But almost all, those who are living other parts , do not know this mane.
When you open the shinhalese cooking book such as "Lanka Spa Sasrta" written by Mrs.Chandra Dissanayaka, you shall find over five recipes of Ambul Thiyals., Yes, this is the dish deeply loved by the people in southern parts of Sri Lanka.
If you went to a restaurant ,please ask them like this --- "Ambul thiyal thiyenawa dha? " in Sinhalese language.
It means that " If you have Ambul Thiyal here ? " Then they shall answre you "Ohu" ,means just "Yes" in Sinhalese.
Try this one first in Sri Lanka.
This is the pleasant sensation flavoured dish and have an acid tatse. Of course , there is no fishy odor.

What need to cookin'
Tuna or any kinds of red fish, goraka, red pepper, garlic, ginger , clove, pepper, karapincya, salt.
how to cook
(1) Cut red fish into small cube and wash well in cold water ( I cut it with the size of 2 inches in length). Then wash the cubed fish with water in which goraka was dipped,. You can use lemon. instead of goraka.

(2) put the cubed fish into the earthen vessel. Pour spices and salt. Add water and mashed goraka clove ,
pepper , ginger, and garlic.Those may be smashed similarly. Goraka should be crushed by Miris-gala.
(3) Put all ingredients in a clay vessel, apply to fire, and boil up calmly. If you can do it , put the pan of heated coal onto a top of the cray pot .Then fish is heated not only the bottom but from the top. Sometime shake the vessel so that the bottom of the clay vessel shall not burn. When gravy is up, the fire of the bottom side must be extinguished, and heat on the top side must be kept until it gets dry .
(4) Scoop up the fish with the dry spoon.

How to eat
. Ambul thiyal can be kept for one week in normal temperature. Eate with boiled rice. Use with right three fingaers skilfully..Make a shape of a dumpling and stuff into your mouth with your own fingers.