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Thuna Paha (mixed curry powder)

Thuna Paha means "three - five" in Sinhalese. They choose three or five spices to make mixed curry powder. There are many patterns of thuna-paha. One example is that of coriander, cardamon , cumin, cinnamon and fennel. There also are another type of curry powder. Much turmeric is included in English style curry powder and there are too much fenegreek in Jaoapese style curry powder.The flavor of Japanese curry powder is deeply depend on fenugeek.

(1) Choose three or five spices for your preference
@@Golden three spices are cardamon ,cinnamon and cloves. You can put in another spices as coriander, cumin or fennel.Amount of each spices are not fixed.You should blend spices to obtain your own flavor
(2) Put spices into a pan and heat it slow fire.
(3) Concentrate your attetoin to your nose ,then some pleasant smell shall be coming soon.Take the pan off from fire , and cool it at once by putting the bottom of the pan on water. After that put spaices into mill and ground .
(4) Flagrance and taste of spices shall change according with the time of heating. Usualy in Sri Lanka, they use half parched spices for vesitable cookery and use deep perched spices for meet and fish curries.

It is advisable that cardamuns and a cinnamon should not heat.These
spices must use as fresh.